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Cynthia Fazzini - Pastor, Holy Communion Lutheran Church, Berlin, NJ

Last Sunday our assembly of believers gathered around one of our own as he passed through the waters of Holy Baptism.... Our joy was multiplied, however, by the glorious musical ministry that Sacred Soul provided for worship that day... I was delighted by their professionalism, camaraderie, and faithfulness to each other and to their ministry to the people of God.

Laurie Hofstrom - Music Director, St. Cecelia's R.C. Church, Pennsauken, NJ

Sacred Soul is a pleasure to see and hear. The voices are authentic, belonging to people with God-given talent and God-loving motivation. Sacred Soul lends credibility to the timbre of contemporary Christian music in a Catholic setting. Kudos to the members and their music director, Richard Galassini.

Barbara Montgomery - producer of Rhythms of Christmas, benefit performance at The Kimmel Center, 12/17/02 and a principal performer

When your responsibilities as a producer include every aspect of a performance, it is a pleasure to have singers walk into their only rehearsal with every note already polished. Sacred Soul did just that and gave me one less worry.

Thank you for your effort and professionalism. You helped make the night a rousing success.