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Sacred Soul has been together since January of 2001. Although we have developed a sound of our own, we always welcome our friends to join us for fellowship and good music. Here are some good friends:

Meg Okura

Meg Okura

Meg Okura is a native of Tokyo, Japan. She is a Juilliard graduate and has performed on the 1999 MTV music awards. Meg is an electrifying violinist and has also played with Lee Konitz, Michael Tilson Thomas, Quincy Jones and many others. Meg currently resides in New York City.

Barry Sames

Barry Sames

Barry Sames is a very talented musician who has done it all. Over the past five years, Barry has performed on four continents, managed a small jazz record label, produced many sacred concerts and vespers, arranged commercial music for Richard Simmons and Jackie Chan, and somehow finds time to play with us every once in a while. Thank you, Barry!